Michelangelo Screenwriting

Michelangelo Screenwriting Life in Orvieto, Italy

On the vestiges of winter still dark and cold, I discovered their mission: To provide creative people with exceptional instruction, feedback and support in inspiring venues so that their writing projects, goals and careers move forward at a writing retreat in Italy away from the distractions of everyday life.

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The Russian Woodpecker Sounds An Alarm

Diabolical, Sinister, Evil are but a few choice words that come to mind after being witness to a world premiere screening of The Russian Woodpecker, a mindblowing, detective trail leading to a jawdropping assertion that the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was no accident. It was a cold and calculated decision made by a call from Moscow.

Sundance: Settle In and Acclimate

First days and nights are paramount to settle in and acclimate |ˈakləˌmāt, əˈklīmit|: respond physiologically or behaviorally to a change in a single environmental factor– Sundance Film Festival. Finding first days, first nights ways to establish the pace and scope of productivity out of the next several days especially the Thursday and Friday afternoons into […]

Integrated Workflow in Real Time